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21 Best paracord DIY survival tricks

21 Best paracord DIY survival tricks

21 Best paracord DIY tricks that will make you a top survivor

Your ability to survive the outdoors will highly depend on what tricks & hacks you possess in your skills pannel. In the wilderness, all your ressources are limited and you need to be able to come up with solutions, with the lest possible ressources. In today's article, we're going to reveal 21 surprising things you can do with the mighty paracord.

Although you can create your own cordage from natural or artifical material (Click here to see how) we advise you to never go for a wilderness trip without paracord. Click here to get yours at a discounted price!

1) Pet collar

Having your pets under control is a must when going for a camping trip. If for any reason, your dog's collar gets broken, you can always make one yourself. And it will never break or get torn!

2) Emergency tourniquet

A tourniquet helps stopping blood flow through a certain vein during emergency situations. You can use a paracord or tight bandage to compress the limb. If you’re injured or suffering from heavy bleeding, and you can’t get to a hospital immediately, make a tourniquet from a paracord as a last resort. If you realize you forgot to bring one with you, don't wait and make one ASAP.

3) Bracelet

Fashionable & easy to wear, baracord bracelets have your back in case of an emergency situation. Never wander without a paracord bracelet! (Get yours here)

4) Tying a tarp shelter up

No need to stress the importance of being sheltered for the night. Paracord can help you building your shelter in different possible ways. Click here for different shelter inspirations.

5) Bow drill

The bow drill is a reliable and a proven to work method for starting a fire. Make it easier by using a cord. Click here to learn different ways of starting a fire.

6) String a bear bag up

As mentioned in this article, you want to maximize your chances of avoiding wild animals out there, and bears in particular. Hang your food supplies with paracord to avoid having unwanted guests at your camping site.

7) Hunting spear

When you need to hunt, lash a blade to a long pole to create a spear. Improvised weapons are great for hunting in the wild, especially when you don’t have traditional weapons on hand. Paracord is perfect for constructing a spear.

8) Handcufs

When tied correctly, you can be sure that these makeshift handcuffs will keep your captive from escaping or turning on you. Make sure you know some paracord knots or it’ll be pointless.

9) Fishing stringer

The picture speaks for itself. Hang your fishes as supposed to with paracord.

10) Trail marker

It’s easy to get lost in the wilderness. But with a paracord, you can easily mark your trail. Simply unwind your paracord bracelet then tie it around tree trunks and other visible spots in the area.

11) Bore snake

Cleaning your weapons can be tricky without the proper equipment. Once again, it’s paracord to the rescue. Improvise a bore snake from paracord to clean your firearms.

12) Bridge

When you have to live in the outdoors for a quite long time, and have to go back and worth to strategic points for ressources, building a bridge can save you a lot of time and energy and even save your life if push comes to shove. Even a simple cord tied between two trees can do the trick.

13) Fishing net

If you didn’t pack a fishing net, don’t worry. As long as you brought some paracord along, you can construct your own.

14) Kid swing

Have some fun with your kids and have them occupied by building a homemade swing!

15) Ladder

A ladder isn’t exactly practical to carry with you in your bug out bag. But paracords and some sticks or boards make a perfect makeshift one.

16) Snare trap

If you get hungry out in the wilderness, use one of the strands inside the paracord to trap food. What’s even better, it can trap human foes as well.

17) Monkey fist

A monkey fist is an effective self-defense tool when you don’t have other weapons on hand. If you find yourself without a weapon in the wilderness, remember that you still have your paracord!

A monkey fist is a simple bludgeoning weapon made of a cord with a weight tied to an end. It’s pretty much a flail you can put in your pocket.

You can make a monkey fist with your paracord and a weighted ball or a perfectly rounded rock. In no time at all, you’ll have a self-defense weapon in your pocket.

18) Tool pouch

Not a necessity but can be convenient for those who like their tools organized

19) Ammo bandolier

In the endless pursuit of trying to lighten packs and reducing bulk, you can combine the two in this paracord bandolier rather than just carrying around paracord on the off chance you might need it.

Here’s a way to give it a full-time job — holding your ammunition. It allows you to leave the ammo boxes at home and keeps your ammunition in one place as well.

20) Self-defense key fob

Who would think this cute paracord self-defense key fob can knock the lights out of a possible attacker? Apart from being a keychain, this project features a monkey fist to better prepare you for self-defense situations plus, there’s no concealing needed for this weapon.

21) Rifle sling

 Don't let your weapons be a burden. You can easily solve this matter a paracord band!