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5 easy shelters for critical situations

5 easy shelters for critical situations

How to make easy shelters if you have to stay for the night

Camping & Hiking is all fun and games until you lose yourself in the woods and realize you will have to stay for the night. If you are in a harsh environment, you can't survive more than 3 hours without a shelter. We are conscious that not everyone is a survival master and don't have the skills to build cabins. Don't worry, we got you covered. In this article we will present you 5 easy ways of building shelter for the night.

Choose your location wisely

The most important thing to take in consideration when sheltering for the night is staying dry and warm. People usually die because of lower body temperature before dying of dehydratation or hunger. You need to ensure that:

  • You are on flat and soft ground
  • You are under a tree if possible (beware of dead branches)
  • The area is not too windy

Elevate your bed

The ground can suck out a lot of heat from your body through conduction. By elevating your bed you also protect yourself from bugs. You can insulate yourself from the ground with a bunch of pine needles for example

Shelters with a tarp

1) The A-tarp

When you have a tarp, sheet of plastic or Space Blanket with you, and some rope or cord, tie a line between two trees. Tie it low to the ground with just enough room for you to lie beneath. Stretch the tarp over the line. Place large rocks or logs on the ends of the tarp to hold it in place with the edges close to the ground, or just use stakes and cord like in the picture.

2) The C-Fly wedge

Relatively easy to build, this shelter requires 6 stakes, 3 cords. The good thing with the C form is that a part of the tarp lays on the floor so you don't have to worry about finding other material for your bed.

3) Plough Point

Probably the smartest and easiest tarp shelter you can build. You can even cook underneath it or have a small fire. It is super fast to setup requiring just a tree as an attachment point and a few guyline or stakes to secure the corners

4) The Tipi

The tipi design is easy to set up, requiring just a ridgeline that attaches to one tie-out point on the tarp and a few stakes to secure the sides and back.

5) Use your bike!

If you thought your bike would be another problem to handle when having to build a shelter, then you might be surprised how many solutions it has to offer you. Your can give you many anchor points for your tarp shelter, or even be your main element and elevate the whole shelter. A couple of stakes and you are done for the night!